Jensen Noen
Jensen Noen (given name Ievgenii Nozhechkin), a Los Angeles-based award winning music video director, was born and raised in Ukraine. He has extensive experience in working with top-artists and labels throughout Europe and the United States. Being an accomplished musician himself has enabled Jensen to communicate much easier with artists. While creating videos, he delves into the style and creativity of each artist to visualize and emphasize their individuality and originality.


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Heartist – Skeletons [Making Of]

Heartist – Skeletons [Making Of]

Each finished video – it’s a small lived life. There is a long fight to embody the image arose in your head. To get closer to this image is always very difficult. But with every work the difference between image in the head and what’s in the result becomes smaller and smaller. Honestly, I loved […] Read More

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